Security Settings

You can set up two-facto authentication in order to protect your customer and team data. Make sure your team members have secure accounts through this feature!

Customer Information Security

Your customer’s account, chatting content, and other important information can be protected through encryption.
Customer information encryption (member hash) from developer side is required. Please refer to the [Developer guide] for more information.
Settings can be made only on the site developed for custom website or wordpress website.
If the Customer information security is not properly set up, then the channel button may not appear properly on your website.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Your team member’s accounts can be set up with multi-factor authentication.
When logging in, you must enter the multi-factor authentication code sent to you by email to log in.
If you enable multi-factor authentication in the channel, all participating members will be logged out of all browsers and apps, and will need to log in again after verifying their email.
Manager Profile Settings
Multi-factor authentication login is required for each browser and device.

Secure Attached files

Through this feature, every send file and link in your channel can be securely sent and protected from being used externally.
Only participants who belong to the channel and customers in user chats can access protected files.

Member Activity Log

You can keep track of the activity of the members in your channel through member activity logs.
Only members with ‘owner’ permissions can access the activity log, which is kept for up to one year.
Member log in, contact information, and Userchat data can be downloaded for a specific time period.
Through the download request history, you can also check the download history of the log.
Once the download is complete, the channel bot will notify in your own personal chatroom.


When a member logs in, the channel button disappears.